Computer Chair Mats For Carpets

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    Is there some kind of mat similar to hardwood flooring I can out over a carpet?
    Basically the same idea that a rug goes over a hardwood floor, just vice versa. I have an activity center for my baby which has wheels on it, and when he uses his legs to run he can go around in circles. Just the wheels don't work very well on carpet so I was wondering if there is some type of floormat or similiar I can out underneath. I thought of a computer chair mat, but was hoping there was something else out there. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      How about one of those braided rugs?

    How to buy a carpet chair mat but I don't wish to overpay?
    A huge number of the sources I visited take much money for shipping a chair mat. I don't want to overpay for delivery, that's why I'm looking for recommendation from you. So thank you in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      This sort of a carpet chair mat can be purchased this shop online: . Cheap shipping and large assortment of goods are also supplied.

    How do I get rid of all the static electricity in my desk chair?
    The chair at my computer desk holds a lot of static electricity. Every time I sit down, the hair on my arms is attracted to the armrests. When I stand up, my pants are stuck to my legs, and when I touch the top of the chair, I get shocked. I use a thick plastic chair mat, on carpet. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      you can but chair mats that have a grounding wire attached to them

    Im moving into a rental house with carpet. i have 12 small animals what can i cover the carpet with?
    I have 12 guinea pigs and im moving into a rental house. they have always run around the room their in which was tile so it was no problem sweeping and wiping up messes. i need something to cover the carpet so it doesn't get ruined and i would like it to be something they wont slide on. i thought about a mat that you would put under a computer chair? but they would slide around when they walked..thanks so much for your help!

    • ANSWER:
      If I was your landlord I would be pretty unhappy that there were guinea pigs running around all over the house. I would suggest rehoming a good number of the pigs and keeping only one or two, then putting them in the bathtub or bathroom to get exercise. You cannot cover the carpet sufficiently that it will not be damaged no matter what you use to cover it with.

    Can I put back furniture on the carpet after washing with Rug doctor?
    We are cleaning the whole house with Rug Doctor because we are selling the house.

    I have two questions:

    Can I put back furniture on the wet carpet? I don't really mind about the furniture, its kinda old. Like wood 3 beds, chairs.I don't have any other places to put the furniture.

    Can I stay in the room? I have my study table and computer.

    • ANSWER:

      I am a flooring associate from The Home Depot, and I feel like I've used Rug Doctor in my own place as much as renting them out when I worked in Tool Rental at my store.

      Using a Rug Doctor is great for your carpets but the carpet tends to dry out using it after 48 hours or so after using it.

      For your first question, you can put the furniture back in PROVIDED they don't come into much contact with the carpet. For example, I put my queen sized bed back in my room after cleaning it with a Rug Doctor since only 4 posts touched the carpeted floor. If you have a chance to grab a small throw mat or a bit of plastic sheeting, it would be good too for staying in the room. And here's a tip, be barefoot on the carpet during when it is wet. Keep the shoes and sandals outside or in another room, since wet carpet will attract any dirt under your shoes. You should be fine in staying in the room, provided you give places like under the study table and bed proper ventilation to let the carpet fibers dry out properly. If not, you'll have the water/cleaner mixture sour, and leaving a bad smell.

      To eliminate this, I'd strongly suggest putting in a box or table fan on the floor or even renting out a floor fan. They look like a large whistle, and they put out a lot of air, thereby reducing drying time for your carpets.

      Hope this helps out you,

    How do i get rid of static electricity in an audio production studio?
    The studio space measures 8ft x 6ft and we have a PC, mixing board, firewire interface and microphone in the studio. Its not cramped at all. The floor is carpeted and the walls are covered in a soundproof fabric. There is a rubber mat underneath the desk & chair space which I thought would alleviate the static but it hasn't. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      In an "electronics" enviornment static discharge can be controlled a couple of ways & one main cause is a lack of humidity esp in cold weather.
      The another is type of floor covering & often a combination of both.
      The rubber mat ( unless it is conductive ) will not help & probably hurt as it is insulating the area & not allowing the charge to dissipate .
      A computer or electronics store can help w/ ground straps , or ribbons that attach directly to the equipment which most likely already has a ground lugs
      If they or online stores have antistatic devices they should be able to give tips on what to buy & how to set things up.
      Let them know what is under the carpet....wood,composite floor or concrete.
      Metal furniture can also be "grounded" in same way.
      There is conductive carpet , & floortile ( used in computer rooms) which work.
      Also conductive mats for use in the room & at entrance to discharge "you" before you go into the studio.
      Best regards

    How do I keep from getting shocked with an aluminum keyboard?
    I bought one of those new, nifty aluminum keyboards for my Apple computer. Great keyboard, but every time I sit down I get a shock when my fingers touch the keyboard. There's carpet at my feet.

    What can I do?

    • ANSWER:
      Buy a carpet saver, they are big, plastic mats that go under the chair, they are meant to save the carpet from getting worn, but being plastic they won't create static electricity.

    I am looking at computer chair mats but i want a big one for my whole room is there a cheaper material?
    I was looking at the plastic ones and they are very expensive is there a different kind of material i could use to make my room more available for the computer chair. I have carpet right now is there something i could buy that is hard so i could put it over the carpet

    • ANSWER:
      There are large pads used in horse stalls. Check them out at a Farm Supply Stores like Wilco or Coastal Farm in my area in Oregon. There are interlocking mats for workshops also sold at tool supply stores like Harbor Freight.

    Will a carpet mat keep a rug on the carpet under my dining room table from bunching up? ?
    My dining room is on carpet, and the chairs chew up the carpet pretty bad, so we have a rug underneath. But it bunches up a lot. Should we use a carpet mat underneath the rug? Or will that not fix the problem? Or, is it possible to buy a HUGE vinyl mat (like you have under a computer desk) for a dining room set? I can't find one anywhere. Please help, my carpet is near death.

    • ANSWER:
      My suggestion is get rid of the rug and go to walmart and buy the disks that go under the chair that makes them slide on the carpet.

    What is the best option for protecting my wood floors?
    I have a big wood desk with felt pads on the legs. I also have a printer with stand and computer tower both with wheel legs under my desk. I recently found out my desk chair with rubber wheels could damage my floors. My options are to get a desk mat. I have seen rubber ones and roll up bamboo ones with felt. or I could get a large area rug with rug pad. What would be the better option

    • ANSWER:
      Do get the area rug and a pad. The primary purpose of rugs and pads was/is to protect floors.. The desk mat placed directly on a wood floor could still damage the wood. Any wood or rubber could cause the floor to sweat and moisture could rot the wood. However, for extra protection, you could place a desk mat over the carpet and pad.

      Remember the largest investment here is the wood floor, Having to repair or replace it could cost more than an area rug and pad if damaged.

      And lastly, how many times are you going to ask this?

    How to stop my dog from sleeping on couch?

    she does it when no one is home. the only reason i now is cuz i caught her twice and she leaves a bunch of hair on the couch

    • ANSWER:
      If you have no luck training him, there are sprays that discourage them from jumping on couches or you could take one of the mats that go under a computer chair and turn it upside down, the nubbies that grip the carpet will keep your dog from wanting to get on it. Good luck but remember if you don't want him up you can't ever let him up...he won't know the difference between when he can or can't.

    What is the smallest rolling chair mat you can purchase?
    The chair is 34 3/10 inches in height, 20 3/10 inches in width, and 20 9/10 inches in depth.

    The desk it will go with is 29 1/8 inches in height, 36 inches in width, and 20 inches in depth.

    The smallest computer mat I can find is 36 inches by 48 inches. It's for carpet too... help? :)

    • ANSWER:
      Ask a retailer?

    What is the smallest rolling chair mat you can purchase?
    The chair is 34 3/10 inches in height, 20 3/10 inches in width, and 20 9/10 inches in depth.

    The desk it will go with is 29 1/8 inches in height, 36 inches in width, and 20 inches in depth.

    The smallest computer mat I can find is 36 inches by 48 inches. It's for carpet too... help? :)

    • ANSWER:
      Try or Office

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